Tucson,AZ. Married. Life struggles. Family love. God is amazing.

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Everything in life is just so dull and full of pain. I just can’t bear to be alone anymore. I am carrying such anger and sorrow on my back. I can’t bear it anymore. I hear whispers and see shadows that haunt me. Even when my husband is home I can’t be in a room without him. I feel do overwhelmed and just so helpless. In so angry because the way my mom treated my dad. And no one had the fucking guts to tell me anything but yet everyone knew but me.. The day before my dad killed himself. And no one has still told me what was going on. I hate my life

I grew up with morales.. Like when using someone’s things to take care of things like they were your own.. Well people can’t help but be fucking slobs. I am tired of playing mommy to to adult people. My husband I can do cause he’s my husband and I love him and he works his ass off for me! But I am so done! So done! Can’t wait for our lease to be up..

My tattoo artist is pretty much amazing! Her name is Kim and she works for k42 tattoo here in Tucson AZ! All the work that she does is amazing ❤️


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"Do you have to be so vulgar about men, like they’re pieces of meat?"


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Meet Your Bacon: Footage of Pigs in Transport Trucks Goes Viral

Crammed into 18-wheelers, pigs struggle to get air and are usually given no food or water for the entire journey (often hundreds of miles). They suffer from temperature extremes and are forced to inhale ammonia fumes and diesel exhaust. A former pig transporter said that pigs are “packed in so tight, their guts actually pop out their butts—a little softball of guts actually comes out.”

According to a 2006 industry report, more than 1 million pigs die each year from the horrors of transport alone. Another industry report notes that, in some transport loads, as many as 10 percent of pigs are “downers,” animals who are so ill or injured that they are unable to stand and walk on their own. These sick and injured pigs will be kicked, struck with electric prods, and finally dragged off the trucks to their deaths.

In winter, some pigs die frozen to the sides of the trucks. In summer, some die from heat exhaustion. Some fall and suffocate when additional animals are forced to pile in on top of them. All are in a panic—screaming and desperately trying to get away—and some die of heart attacks.

One worker reports, “In the wintertime there are always hogs stuck to the sides and floors of the trucks. [Slaughterhouse workers] go in there with wires or knives and just cut or pry the hogs loose. The skin pulls right off. These hogs were alive when we did this.”

part of the reason I am going vegetarian 

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I am so broken.
Just oh so broken.
You could never imagine what hurt I am feeling.

I am so tired of everyone saying.. “I’m sorry” , or “I completely understand”

I understand you wanna be there for me but shut up you don’t know what this feels like..

Your parent died from something like a sickness.. You got to say goodbye.. Or whatever the situation.. I had no fucking clue my dad was gonna hang himself. I didn’t get to say goodbye.

Daddy.. They don’t understand.
What the fuck!?!
What the fuck where you thinking?!
You left me!
You left my brothers.
You left my mom.

Now I can’t sleep
I can’t go to the house I grew up in
It haunts me.
Satan haunts me
And only me.

What happened wasn’t you daddy.
What happened?
I miss you
I love you

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